Ayanna Watson

Founder, Black Atheists of America (New York)

“Religion is dangerous because it directly influences behavior. Behaviors based on false beliefs are more likely to result in undesirable outcomes. We see this in cases, for example, where parents elect to pray for their children's medical recovery, in lieu of seeking professional medical care.”

Why I Don’t Believe:

I have not found any convincing reason to believe in supernatural beings.

What I Do Believe:

I believe that we, as a society, would be a lot farther along if we did not embrace religion. We have the resources, among other things, to: seriously diminish poverty; provide a better educational system; and decrease crime. Instead of waiting on our beloved sky daddies to fix these injustices, we can do actual work toward a better future. Nothing fails more than prayer.


Black Atheists of America (BAAm) is an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between atheism and the black community. Because religion is so deeply ingrained in the black community, black atheists often find themselves as a dual minority in the overall atheist community. BAAm hopes that its efforts will build a stronger overall atheist community by encouraging black atheists to be open about their stance on religion.

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