Alix Jules

“After years of trying to validate my faith as a believer, I came to understand that my former master’s master has never been interested in my people’s freedom. I look forward to the end of spiritual feudalism, when children will no longer subjected to the debasement and demoralization of slave sermons.”

Why I Don’t Believe:

There is no evidence for the god and religion that were forced onto my ancestors by their masters. Good people may be incidentally religious, but I find that all religions and their respective deities are morally bankrupt. Religion continues to be used to justify oppression and atrocities, and the world’s deities are as divisive and petty as the people who dreamt them up.

What I Do Believe:

Humanism has far more to offer humanity than the dogmatic indoctrination and suppression of ideas offered by most religions as an alternative to continued supernatural servitude. An evidence-based, thoughtfully reasoned lifestyle is more enriching and uplifting to our needs as a community. Basing our morality on the ethical treatment of life forms and accountability to our future serves us better than allegiance to a Bronze Age god.


The Dallas/Fort Worth Diversity Council is a sub-organization within the DFWCoR for the purpose of increasing the level of diversity within its member organizations and promoting freethought and humanism through education and outreach to ethnically, culturally, and sexually diverse communities.

The Fellowship of Freethought Dallas provides a family-oriented community that combines educational, social and charitable activities for Dallas-area freethinkers from all backgrounds.

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