Donald Wright

“Religion is a system by which humans devise answers to unanswerable questions and use that system to control and manipulate the thoughts and actions of other humans. Religion causes mental bondage that restricts human advancement. Self-study and the pursuit of truth led me away from religion and into a life-stance centered on humanism. I am glad I finally decided to study the Bible as a scholar. Let’s meet our sociological needs without religion.”

Why I Don’t Believe:

I am an atheist because there is not enough evidence to support the existence of a god, including the gods of humanity’s various religions. I do not believe in a god because I do not have to. I refuse to remain institutionalized voluntarily. Blind faith and a stifling belief system are radically opposed to knowing truth. A belief system based on facts and information works better for me.

What I Do Believe:

Religion is not the means to a better society. As a substitute for being a religious person, I prefer being a quality person instead. A quality person assumes total responsibility for their own welfare, honors their commitments, does not harm other people, does not harm the environment, and offers assistance to other people in their times of need. I am a humanist because I support the betterment of all humans. I support peace and harmony in the universe and maintaining its natural order and resources. I desire to experience an equitable and peaceful society; humanism, not religion, currently appears to be the most efficient means to produce such society. I would like to assist in eliminating all forms of oppression and exploitation.


Humanists of Houston exists to provide the opportunity for like-minded humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and freethinkers to fellowship, socialize, and enjoy thought-provoking activities on the interesting issues of our day.

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